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Description: In 1973, the US Supreme court decision Roe v. Wade gave every woman the right to have an abortion. In 2016, abortion remains one of the most divisive issues in America, especially in Missouri. Award-winning director and Missouri native Tracy Droz Tragos sheds new light on the contentious issue with a focus on the women and their stories, rather than the debate.


Description: An long-form documentary that follows A.J. and his 16-year-old mother, Sarah, in the first five years of A.J.'s life, living on the edge of poverty in the Heartland of America. Perhaps Sarah's story was written before she became a mother, or perhaps she will chart her own course. This film explores her challenges, choices and options as A.J. moves through his toddler years and starts kindergarten and Sarah turns 21.

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Untitled Girls Education Project

Description: An intimate exploration of how the seeds of ambition are planted, how girls can be taught to value themselves and reach for leadership - and what it takes to fuel audacious dreams.

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Description: Rich Hill, MO could be any of the countless small towns that blanket America's heartland, but to teenagers Andrew, Harley and Appachey, it's home. As they ride their skateboards and go to football practice, they are like millions of other boys coming of age the world over. But faced with difficult circumstances - isolation, instability, and parental unemployment - adolescence can be a daily struggle just to survive. With no road map and all evidence to the contrary, they cling to the hope that even they can live the American dream. Winner of the 2014 Sundance Grand Jury Prize, RICH HILL is an irresistibly moving and inspirational portrait of the challenges, hopes and dreams of rural America's youth.

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Description: Thirty-two years later, one daughter's struggle to know and grieve for her father, who died in Vietnam when she was three months old, becomes a journey of discovery, healing and remembrance. Tracy Droz Tragos' investigation into the life of her late father prior to his death in Vietnam is both a powerful exploration of the long-lasting consequences of war and a deeply emotional journey sure to be resonant with anyone who's lost a loved one.

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