Featured Interviews

Interview on The Daily Show

Description: Tracy Droz Tragos interviewed by Jon Stewart on The Daily Show.

Interview with VICE

Description: There's a tiny town in Missouri, just off Interstate 49, called Rich Hill. You'd easily miss it if you blinked driving past. Forgettable though it often may be, the town is the setting of Sundance Film Festival's 2014 Documentary Grand Jury Winner, Rich Hill.

Interview with Indiewire

Description: Sundance Woman Directors: Meet Tracy Droz Tragos

Interview with Dallas Film Society

Description: 2014 Dallas International Film Festival Interview with Tracy Droz Tragos of RICH HILL

Interview with Champs-Élysées Film Festival

Description: Retrouvez le portrait de Tracy Droz Tragos et Andrew Droz Palermo, les réalisateurs de "Rich Hill"

Interview on BYOD

Description: RICH HILL is a new documentary that explores the lives of American boys that are living below the poverty line and struggling with abuse and many other issues. A dramatic true story of Main St. USA, in a way that isn’t exploitative or “poverty porn,” we discuss the film and look at clips and the trailer with filmmaker Tracy Droz Tragos in this uncensored interview on BYOD, hosted by Ondi Timoner.

Interview with CBS 60 Minutes

Description: Daughter Rediscovers Father In Making Of Documentary Film