Day #1 at Sundance

Sitting here in the condo - a third morning of early rising in a row, up before Andrew, who I think just said, “Oh God!” when I snuck into the bedroom for the third time to rustle around for the day’s papers, my computer, the wifi password, etc.  Hard to sleep when there is so much ahead.  

Day #1 here at Sundance was all about acclimation. Figuring out where everything is - tracking down our lost packages - meeting people - receiving gift bag after gift bag - and after two beers learning about the altitude - sobering up with fishy water and chocolate chip cookies for our first meeting, which despite my fuzzy focus (not so much due to the beers, I swear, but to general exhaustion, altitude-sickness, traveling and having been up since 3:45 am) went well.  I did have one moment where I looked down at my hands and completely lost my train of thought.  ”Um….what was I saying?”  That was not my brightest moment. 

Loved meeting my fellow DFP filmmakers - Anne de Mare and Kirsten Kelly of “Homestrech,” and Johnny Symons and S. Leo Chiang of “Out Run.”  Looking forward to meeting the rest at our breakfast this morning.  I am so honored to be in this class of fellows - I mean, honestly, I could not be prouder.  Also, the Sundance Institute folks could not be more kind - showing us wide-eyed first-timers around, helping us navigate the icy sidewalks and shuttles.  We missed two movies we were scheduled to see - 9 pm was just too late for my weary bones - and we didn’t get in early enough for the 11:30 screening.  But today, I’m committed to shedding some of my bags, wearing different shoes, and I’m going to see at least one movie - ANITA: SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER.  It looks like we have a thin window between one event and another set of meetings to do it.  This, of course, is what the festival is all about.  Movies.  And meeting people.  And community….to which I am so grateful to belong.  And now to shower and begin Day #2!