Sundance Day #2

Had a really great breakfast with the Institute folks, who could not be nicer.  I mean, I really think they sit around a table at the end of these long days of events and try to think of ways to make this experience even more intimate and like summer camp.  We introduce ourselves - we share rooms - we have “buddies” - they remind us to eat - they walk us around “matchmaking.”  It doesn’t matter how old you are - all that stuff still works to make you feel embraced and a part of a community around your film with folks who understand all the challenges - personal, professional, emotional, financial….

Skipped lunch and made it to my first movie “Anita” - what an amazing subject.  Anita Hill - revisiting her courage and dignity in the face of all those white senators is riveting and deeply moving.  But discovered afterwards that it takes 45 minutes to shuttle around this place - and were late to our pitch prep meetings in the afternoon.  But everyone is honestly far too kind to hold that against us - and brought us a bagged lunch.

Sat around a table practicing our pitch with a group of kind industry folks - Sandi Dubowski of Good Pitch and Ingrid Kopp of Tribeca Film Institute, as well as our new filmmaker friends from “Homestrech” again -  Anne and Kirsten.  Andrew and I love these filmmakers.  Their film is about homeless Chicago teenagers (there are 17,000 in the city) - an unbelievable subject, with many parallels to our own project.  We will for sure remain friends beyond the festival - too much love in the room not to.

Evening was capped with the Ro*Co party - I have to say that it’s hard to hear sometimes how much folks respond to “Rich Hill,” from folks who have chosen not to fund it.  I tried to go out to dinner afterward, but every place was closed.  Saturday night at 10:00 pm?  Really?  Anyway - “Homestrech” ladies and I had some eggs in the condo.  Discussed my credit card debt on the film - and whether or not that will ever get recouped, which terrifies me.  Let Andrew vent about his Hollywood party with Tony Danza and precious, scarce food, and went to bed.

Now - today we got meetings.  Lots and lots of meetings.  With industry (broadcasters, funders, etc.)  We’ve been eased into this - prepped - fed.  So - here we go….